Friday, 27 December 2013

Obesity, cellulite and flaccidity

Of course, the weight and health go hand in hand. Obesity, cellulite and flaccidity, deficiency diseases, are chronic and progressive. So, Dr. John Martin, Aesthetic Medicine Clinic in addition to the factors that cause them, body fat analysis, and then performs the appropriate treatment.

Make a personalized appropriate diet (as much as can be patient).

Necessary to administer the medication. Typically, plant medicine and homeopathy are used because of the dependence of the poor and the results are here for more details

Board to exercise or sports activity.

Treatment protocol for local custom or practice of a combination of some of the following techniques: acupuncture, anxiety and deal with hunger, meso therapy, liquid drained and down volume, and other therapeutic techniques (interferential currents, obstruction, presotherapy, Carboxitherapy, LPGA, etc..) is dominated by the problem.

These treatments have lasting approximately an hour and a weekly, two-weekly or monthly can be made.
Once you have completed a series of treatments to be patient, to be carried out at least some information will be given at the time of the clinic (it is recommended that you download a month per kg or cm).go to my webpage for more details about best cellulite removal product 

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