Friday, 27 December 2013

Innovative Medical Techniques For Cellulite Treatments

The aesthetic market is moving constantly looking for new technologies to help fight cellulite, but short of an effective surgical invasive techniques. Today, in order to remove the cellulite areas with large accumulation of adipocyte and that this trend is growing a new design tools and equipment, based on the proven scientific techniques , or as close as possible to the state of scientific endorsement as supportive.

What are these techniques and how to distinguish a noninvasive cellulite?
Cavitations: It is a technique of low frequency ultrasound by acting, where the compression and decompression wave source vapor micro bubbles within the adipocytes of the implosion of the burst (inside). At the outbreak, exerts pressure causes a rupture of the membrane and without causing damage to the cells of this. Let this technique acts as a controlled explosion. Breaking membrane and adipocyte fat in our body through normal metabolic processes eliminated.for more details visit here

RF: This technique allows you to create a deep heating of the dermis of control, or who have suffered damage to the outer layer, as the epidermis. The technical effect acting subcutaneously, when the temperature rises to the level of the dermis (inner), to stimulate collagen and elastic synthesis by activated fibroblasts, the origin of the collagen tissue is remodeled and offers a solid, well- removed from the fluid and toxins that may be withheld. Also applies to stimulate the tissues in the radio, so improving blood supply and, ultimately, it is the microcirculation.

Ultrasonic therapy: The technique used in the manufacture of high-intensity ultrasound micromechanical effect on adipocyte. To achieve this effect, and at the same time keep the content up and break causing a temperature, who according to the intensity of the applied ultrasonic therapy can lead to denature the protein coagulation to cell death? Fat, like cavitations occurred, continuous and eliminated by the body's normal metabolism.go to my webpage for more details about cellulite program 

Endermologie:  also known as LPG, is based on the application of this technique massage of intense activity in adipose tissue through a series of rollers. The Roller is designed to follow the lines of muscle tension and lymphatic drainage, while performing the massage a mini-section of the skin surface. Endermologie encourages microcirculation, helps reconstruction connective tissue and to promote drainage.

Laser: This technique is done by applying a low level laser on adipose tissue, reducing its thickness. The laser causes the activation of cell metabolism and is able to change the voltage supplies of collagen significantly improve the aesthetic appearance of the outside.

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