Sunday, 29 December 2013

Joey Atlas Cellulite Program, Found the Defects of a Beautiful and Harmonious Body

Recently Joey Atlas Cellulite Program shows that Very often determined stretch marks as the main enemy of beauty and perhaps not without reason they have gained this moniker. No doubt their appearance is a nightmare for every vain lady, and ironically stretch marks can also become a nightmare for vanity gentlemen.

Defect that changes the whole notion of a beautiful and harmonious body
Whitish scars are extremely unpleasant cosmetic variation in the type and structure of the skin, often potentiated reduced self-esteem and depression. Particularly; according to the Cellulite Removal Review, the serious stretch marks affect on the emotional state of the athletes, as they significantly reduce their performance in the fight for good-looking body. Stretch marks are formed most often:for more details visit here

-  In puberty when strongly increases the level of sex hormones and adrenal gland;
- during pregnancy due to an imbalance of the hormones estrogen and progesterone;
- not without significance is the rapid expansion of the abdomen, chest and hips;
- gland (cortisone), which are involved in metabolic processes.

From a medical point of view, represent internal strain of the connective tissue, atrophic scars, which differ in color and structure. Are formed in the hips, thighs, buttocks, abdomen and breasts can sometimes be observed on the inside of the upper arm. Results are from the rupture of the fibers located in the connective tissue resulting in the uncontrolled process of weight loss or gain, in which the skin is subjected to abnormal stretching or shrinkage. When, however, the problem is hormone-dependent, and then there is a change in the processes of synthesis of two major proteins that confer strength and elastinity of the skin - collagen and elating. When their number decreases, the skin begins to thin and at a place which is under the most strain.go to my webpage for more details about cellulite program 

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