Friday, 27 December 2013

Diet to Kill Cellulite

A good first step to get rid of cellulite is eating a healthy and balanced diet. Participation of the lymphatic, circulatory system and cellulite is to make a comprehensive and consistent treatment. What are foods? Do you recommend? Whole: foods, fruits and vegetables. The exercise training or other support regular physical and herbal supplements products, our main range of remedies have cellulite.visit here

Protein, oils and refined
We must always be avoided baked goods and refined fats. Intake of protein and cellular processes, that produce the toxins that must be removed. 1g per kg per day recommended amount of years ago, but this formula is not efficient, and nutritionists recommend not exceeding 0.80 g / kg . Animal fats should also be avoided.

Flour and sugar derivatives
Sugary foods or flour to stop the carbohydrates are absorbed very quickly to provide instant energy. If it is not currently used for energy, our body will store fat . Then, why nutrition program itself does not affect the flour? With regard to the simple reason that their absorption slowly so that its energy input occurs gradually, so they burn without being stored according to our needs.

This food group is rich in vitamins, trace elements, minerals and antioxidants and electrolytes in the water and to remove the osmotic cells. Overall, the bases are alkaline to neutralize toxins and purified in our blood.
Sodium salt
A mineral common in our diet involved in the processes associated with blood pressure, regulates the water between the cells of our body. Too much salt causes the cells to absorb more water than normal, causing edema, swelling, and increased volume that can be harmful in most by joey altas cellulite program 

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