Thursday, 26 December 2013

Lymphatic drainage

What is the lymphatic system? It is made up of lymph nodes, lymph and lymph vessels and flows through them every day 4 liters of fluid. You might think that such circulation is dependent on the action of the heart, but it govern muscle contraction, i.e., they are the ones who push through the lymph tissue.
What if you have recently noticed the appearance of cellulite and veins, you have a feeling of heaviness in the legs and they are swollen and painful.

Perhaps the bung does not move enough and muscles during the day do not achieve a sufficient number of contractions. Maybe your business is simply tied to an office chair or a prolonged standing that will leave long-term effects on the tissue. It does not matter even if the reason is genetic in nature.for more details about cellulite removal 

Lymphatic drainage is a great beauty treatment that can be implemented in several ways. Whether that will bring high "booties" which are air-filled chambers that perform compression on certain parts of the body and thus stimulate lymph flow, or perhaps applying the gel to the selected part of the body which is then further treated vacuum.

Intensify if lymph circulation in your body does multiple well. It improves the exchange of oxygen and nutrients between cells, expel the accumulated toxins from the body, removes bacteria and foreign bodies, because lymph plays an essential role in the immune system of the body, heals the tissue that had been violated and moved to the precipitated proteins in the tissue could cause inflammation.

As far as aesthetics lymphatic drainage reduces the volume of the treated area and visibly improves skin and tissue from the first treatment and breaks cellulite. After this treatment will not have to take a day off to recover, you will feel light and buoyant. Possible redness that can occur only in the treated area is the result of better blood flow and tissue disappears after a few hours.

The process alone does not last long. It will be enough to set aside 15-20 minutes. However, if you have extremely sensitive skin that is prone capillaries or skin recently damaged by burns or injuries, it is recommended to delay treatment for a while. Once the wound has healed completely lymphatic drainage can assist in accelerating tissue repair where there is a scar.go to my official webpage

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