Friday, 27 December 2013

Anti-cellulite massage lymphatic

The treatments for cellulite based on therapeutic massage represent a complete thought. At first glance, many of us think it must take a lot of effort to make, but in practice the knowledge you need only area where knocks and sudden movements, and everything is done to prevent damage to the lymph tissue damage and internal.
Approved lymphatic massage aims to achieve a greater increase in body temperature in the space between the cells and lymph flow better for what it was until now; we have proposed a set of exercises to meet our mission successful:for more details visit here

Higher Lymphatic Massage
We can do it ourselves; we will always keep in mind that it is inside the direction of massage is directed back and torso, any up or down.
Then massage in our torso, breasts intact, as a reference to the armpits. That is, a massage from the center of the armpits, smooth wide. They are not tickled, nor should we push the maximum, remember what we say above.

In this type of massage can also be applied to the back area, we have to, but if you have a little help. Doing the same broad movement from the scapula to the armpits and on the neck to the ears.
These operations can be repeated 10-15 minutes in a warm feeling of release, what we're going to get the temperature rising and causing drainage.

To arms, to make it different. The massage should be done by way of armpits. This does not mean that from the outside, even when we apply the model to follow. We took the doll and we are starting the massage to the elbow. When passed through the elbow area then circular massage to the armpits.
Middle and lower lymphatic massage
Areas such as the abdomen and legs to the abdomen, two distinct areas: the part that is in the navel of the navel and the top goes down and goes around the hips.

For the bottom, massage can be applied inside and outside the navel in toward the groin. Instead, we start from the navel and hip in our actions, we will then address each.
The foot massage is one of the most relaxing, traffic problems, since most of these tips. It should be noted here, in addition to cellulite, there is a poor move also is likely to appear hateful and troublesome varicose veins.for more information about cellulite program 

To massage the legs at the ankles to the knees and to follow the directions at first and then the area behind the twins. Then we reach the thighs, then the massage has to be wider and there is pressure to increase. Movements will make copies of the English.

As said at the beginning, this type of massage can apply at home, even though our recommendation is always to go to a professional with experience in lymphatic drainage. Large number of sessions is not exposed to regular exercise and a diet supplement for a specific cellulite.

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